Task 49
SHC Task 49

Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes

Official start of the Solar Heat for Industrial Processes - SHIP database


The Solar Heat for Industrial Processes - SHIP database has been created in the framework of the IEA Task 49/IV. This online database contains a worldwide overview on existing solar thermal plants which provide thermal energy for production processes for different industry sectors. Each plant description contains a number of information e.g. about the size of the collector field, collector technology or integration point in the production process. An initial survey has been developed and sent out to different solar companies by AEE INTEC (www.aee-intec.at). The returned data has been collected, structured and integrated into the database by them. All the programming work for the database’s structure and design has been done by PSE (www.pse.de).

Now the user of the database has the possibility to extract detail information from all identified solar thermal plants and create statistics like the share of collector technologies, size of the collector field per country or industry sector and cost per square meter. The SHIP - database is a living platform and will grow continuously.


Retanning (leather industry) and Leaching (mining industry) in the focus of solar heat

The retanning process is a common process to be targeted by solar process heat. Currently, 9 applications are successully operating with a total gross solar area of 5,317 m². 7 of these

Retanning in Thailand
1890 m²
Source: Aschoff Solar

Location of the leather factories with SHIP-applications.

Worldwide SHIP applications in the retanning process of leather industries

The Codelco copper mine in Chile does not only have the biggest SHIP application worldwide, but also the biggest solar thermal collector field in general (39,300 m²). It keeps water to a constant temperature for the leaching process. A similar, but smaller application (790 m²) exists in Cyprus.