Task 49
Task 49
SHC Task 49

Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020 2:52:28 AM
Any company that wants to be successful in selling industrial solar heat solutions to end users and investors needs standardised project assessment and advanced risk management. To develop such processes is one of the main objectives of the subgroup Guideline to Market of the IEA SHC Task 64 Solar Industrial Heat. The EU-funded project TrustEE is one pathway to address these challenges by a semi-automatic project assessment platform and new risk management. The key is to reduce the risk for all ...
Tuesday, September 22, 2020 1:19:38 AM
French-based NewHeat has just announced that it secured a EUR 13 million bank loan for a pool of five large commercial solar heat systems. The company, founded in December 2015, regards itself as an “independent and integrated solar heat producer.” As an energy service company (ESCO), it offers solar heat contracts to industrial sites and district heating utilities. Solarthermalworld.org spoke with NewHeat CEO Hugues Defréville about the negotiations leading up to the loan agreement and the...