Task 49
Task 49
SHC Task 49

Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes

Project (Task) Subtasks

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Subtask A: Process heat collector development and process heat collector testing

Lead Country: Germany (Dr. Pedro Horta - Fraunhofer ISE)
Initially: Switzerland (Dr. Elimar Frank - SPF)

  • Improving solar process heat collectors and loop components

  • Providing a basis for the comparison of collectors with respect to technical and economical conditions

  • Giving comprehensive recommendations for standardized testing procedures

Subtask B: Process integration and Process Intensification combined with solar process heat

Lead country: Austria (DI Bettina Muster – AEE INTEC)

  • Improved solar thermal system integration for production processes

    • by advanced heat integration and storage management,

    • advanced methodology for decision on integration place and integration types

  • Increase of the solar process heat potential by combining

    • process intensification and solar thermal systems

    • fostering new applications for solar (thermal/UV) technologies

Subtask C: Design Guidelines, Case Studies and Dissemination

Lead country: Germany (Dr. Werner Platzer - Fraunhofer ISE)

  • to provide a worldwide overview of results and experiences from solar heat for industrial process systems.

  • to develop a performance assessment methodology for a comparison and analysis of different applications, collector systems, regional and climatic conditions

  • to support future project stake holders by providing design guidelines, simplified fast and easy to handle calculation tools for solar yields and performance assessment

  • to solutions for stagnations behaviour , control and hydraulics of large field installations

  • to identify, address and lower the barriers for market deployment by giving examples of successful implementation,

  • to disseminate the knowledge to the main target groups