Task 49
Task 49
SHC Task 49

Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes

Project (Task) Objectives

The main goals of the activity will be to:

  1. Further develop and improve solar process heat collectors and components
  2. analyze and provide new knowledge on high temperature behavior of process heat collectors and solar loops
  3. develop a testing procedure and to provide a basis for the comparison of collectors under certain conditions
  4. provide engineering tools for optimized heat integration and optimized planning of solar thermal integration by advanced pinch analysis and storage management
  5. identify new applications for solar thermal energy in several production processes through the combination of process intensification technologies
  6. develop planning tools, calculation tools for solar yields in large scale plants
  7. gain proven solutions for stagnations behavior
  8. install and monitor large-scale demonstration systems
  9. develop guidelines for solar process heat
  10. to lower the barriers for market deployment